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The Ongoing Effort

As part of the U.S. trademark process, Karl May USA started this website in May 2006.  We own the rights to the use of the name WINNETOU� and OLD SHATTERHAND in the United States.

Thus far, it has been a more than 7-year endeavor to try to bring a Karl May-inspired film to the U.S.  There have even been discussions and interest from such Hollywood luminaries as Roland Emmerich and Arnold Schwarzenegger (who was interested in producing, until he was elected Governor of California in 2003 and amicably sent a very kind letter, as he has left Hollywood for now, to focus on his duties in Sacramento). 

Click here to see a copy of a related August 2001 article that came out in Westlake Magazine (PDF file).

PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT:  Currently, we are in the process of looking for funding for development of this project and invite any interested parties to contact Sabine Niederberghaus-Lesavoy.

NETWORKING PHOTOS:  Check out photos of Sabine Niederberhaus-Lesavoy networking and getting the word out on Karl May...Most recently, Sabine talks with Clint Eastwood.

Karl May in the Media

In recent years in the U.S., more and more attention is being drawn to Karl May and his books.  The following articles have helped to promote such interest:

bulletDanica Tutush: The Strange Life and Legacy of Karl MayCowboys and Indians, September 1999.

Cecilie Rohwedder: German Who Brought Cowboys to the Rhineland Wins Fans in the U.S.  Culture/Society Section, Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2001.


William Urban: Karl May, the Zane Grey of Germany.  Essay by William Urban, Lee L. Morgan Professor of History and and International Studies, Monmouth College, Illinois. 



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